English Only is open for business.

Open for business
Finally. The walls of the classrooms are all freshly painted and the floors have been polished. The bookshelves are full and the front door is unlocked.

We have been giving online classes over the last five years but now we are accepting new students at English Only. If you want high quality online English lessons, click here.

You can read about our classes here.

If you are unsure about whether online classes are suitable for you, English Only offers free no obligation trial classes. Contact us to book a free 15 minute trial class. We’ll ask you to send us a few details about yourself and your previous English studies and why you are studying English. Then we can arrange a date and a time for a free trial class.

Remember! We understand that every student is different. What works for one student might not work in the same way with another student. We don’t try to force the same kind of class on every student. We listen to your individual needs and plan classes around them.Read how our students have spent their class time recently.

If you have any questions about English Only, get in touch. We look forward to working with you.