I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1987, when I competed my RSA TEFL Certificate at International House in London.

I spent the next 4 years teaching English in Barcelona, Spain. I specialised in teaching English for Business and taught executives in major banks and industry.I also planned and co-ordinated summer intensive courses for Philips Iberica SA.

On my return to the UK in 1992, I started to work for The English Language Centre, Bristol and I still teach there part-time. This is the joint number one school in the UK.

I am an Assistant Director of Studies at ELC Bristol and have chosen to remain a classroom teacher. I act as the Director of Studies on ELC Bristol’s summer courses.

I chose to teach part-time here because I wanted to expand my horizons by teaching online. I originally launched English Only in 2013 and it has offered me the opportunity to teach online classes to some amazing students across the world.

I completed and passed my RSA TEFL Diploma in the early nineties.

The student comes first

In over 30 years of teaching English as a foreign language, I have learned that my students are all different and they have different needs. It is essential that an effective teacher recognises this and tailors courses and classes to meet the exact needs of the student. One size does not fit all. English Only Online Courses and Classes are designed and planned with that in mind.

Exam English

I am fully experienced in preparing students for different exams in English. My knowledge of the different Cambridge exams is extensive and I also have a deep understanding of the requirements of the IELTS exam. Though I firmly believe that there is no secret method to exam success, there are many techniques and strategies that will gain you points in different parts of every English exam.

Experience matters

Over the last three decades, I have taught students of over 22 different nationalities. My students are speakers of many different languages and have reached different levels of English.  I have taught business professionals, students and retirees. All students have a desire to learn English. How these students learn and how they are taught is never the same.

General English

Some students study English so that they can perform well in a job interview or to give them confidence when travelling abroad. Others spend part of their working day communicating in English face to face, on the telephone or through social media and email messages. All students need to practise a range of English language skills and to recognise the relationship between good grammar knowledge and accurate speaking and writing.